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* Limit BMC SPI Flash speed to 25MHz on Talos II systemsdev-5.0-raptor-04-16-2019Raptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-271-1/+1
* Update Talos dts for latest kernelRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-231-7/+68
* Add CPU SEEPROMs to Talos device tree Enable I2C bus 0 (CPU 0 SEEPROMs) in Ta...Raptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-2/+52
* Add missing license declaration call to common OCC file This fixes symbol acc...Timothy Pearson2019-04-191-0/+3
* Lower clock frequency of FPGA I2C bus to mitigate read / write errorsRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-0/+1
* Update MAX31785 setings on Talos systemsRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-6/+12
* Remove explicit chassis reset binding on Talos systemsRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-6/+0
* Remove DD1 VCS workaround GPIO hogRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-6/+0
* Move the system speaker from PWM7 to GPION7 for software-mode beep developmen...Raptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-7/+5
* Port commit e3fac12aa8172222281420bf2eb1b25b756e82c8 to TalosRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-1/+4
* Port commit 052add4e0fd8d827b85382f584e53582ce621951 to TalosRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-0/+6
* Add chassis reset request input to BMC DTS for TalosRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-0/+6
* Add BMC ready LED output to Talos BMC device treeRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-0/+4
* Put Talos system fans into PWM mode by defaultRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-6/+6
* Update Talos device tree to match production hardwareRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-28/+5
* Put fans in RPM mode at startup on Talos systemsRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-0/+6
* Enable PWM7 for use with on-board piezo speakerRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-1/+1
* Enable MAX31785 fan controllerRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-191-2/+87
* Add Raptor Computing Systems Talos BMC setup and device tree filesRaptor Engineering Development Team2019-04-192-0/+302
* hwmon: (pmbus/isl68137): Update ISL68137 to upstreamdev-5.0Patrick Venture2019-04-192-111/+149
* pmbus: support for custom sysfs attributeskrzysztof.adamski@nokia.com2019-04-192-1/+15
* Revert "mtd: spi-nor: aspeed: use memcpy_fromio() to capture the optimization...Andrew Jeffery2019-04-191-2/+4
* ARM: dts: aspeed: zaius: Fix intersil compatiblesPatrick Venture2019-04-191-8/+8
* hwmon (occ): Add temp sensor value checkAlexander Soldatov2019-04-181-0/+6
* ARM: dts: aspeed: zaius: add Infineon and Intersil regulatorsMaxim Sloyko2019-04-181-5/+60
* mtd: spi-nor: aspeed: add support for the 4B opcodesCédric Le Goater2019-04-181-2/+9
* mtd: spi-nor: aspeed: use memcpy_fromio() to capture the optimization bufferCédric Le Goater2019-04-181-4/+2
* mtd: spi-nor: aspeed: clarify 4BYTE address mode maskCédric Le Goater2019-04-181-1/+9
* mtd: spi-nor: aspeed: introduce a aspeed_smc_default_read() helperCédric Le Goater2019-04-181-7/+12
* hwmon (occ): Prevent sysfs error attribute from returning errorEddie James2019-04-181-6/+13
* hwmon (occ): Store error condition for rate-limited pollsEddie James2019-04-182-1/+6
* hwmon (occ): Fix extended status bitsLei YU2019-04-161-4/+4
* i2c: aspeed: Add multi-master use case supportJae Hyun Yoo2019-04-121-26/+93
* i2c: aspeed: Remove hard-coded bus timeout value settingJae Hyun Yoo2019-04-121-1/+0
* hwmon: (pmbus/ir38064): Add driver for Infineon IR38064 Voltage RegulatorMaxim Sloyko2019-04-123-0/+70
* ARM: config: npcm7xx: Enable PECI driverTomer Maimon2019-04-111-0/+5
* ARM: dts: npcm7xx: Add PECI descriptionTomer Maimon2019-04-112-0/+22
* peci: npcm: add NPCM PECI driverTomer Maimon2019-04-113-0/+422
* dt-binding: peci: add NPCM PECI documentationTomer Maimon2019-04-111-0/+38
* hwmon: (pmbus/isl68137): Add driver for Intersil ISL68137 PWM ControllerMaxim Sloyko2019-04-113-0/+214
* media: platform: aspeed: change irq to threaded irqJae Hyun Yoo2019-04-111-2/+3
* media: platform: aspeed: refine clock control logicJae Hyun Yoo2019-04-111-9/+29
* media: platform: aspeed: fix a kernel warning on clk controlJae Hyun Yoo2019-04-111-3/+29
* Merge tag 'v5.0.7' into dev-5.0Joel Stanley2019-04-08300-925/+1765
| * Linux 5.0.7v5.0.7Greg Kroah-Hartman2019-04-051-1/+1
| * kbuild: skip sub-make for in-tree build with GNU Make 4.xMasahiro Yamada2019-04-051-12/+16
| * kbuild: add workaround for Debian make-kpkgMasahiro Yamada2019-04-051-0/+10
| * bcache: fix potential div-zero error of writeback_rate_p_term_inverseColy Li2019-04-051-1/+3
| * ACPI / video: Extend chassis-type detection with a "Lunch Box" checkHans de Goede2019-04-051-0/+1
| * gpio: of: Restrict enable-gpio quirk to regulator-gpioThierry Reding2019-04-051-2/+2
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