path: root/pychassisctl
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Prevent the reboot command from powering on the host.Alexander Soldatov2018-12-061-6/+2
* Port to python 3CamVan Nguyen2018-03-121-11/+15
* Remove use of settings in chassis_control.pyAndrew Geissler2018-02-151-16/+0
* pep8 fixesAdriana Kobylak2018-02-121-3/+3
* Update button press handlers to new targetsAndrew Geissler2017-08-021-5/+4
* chassis: Remove sensor subscriptionBrad Bishop2017-07-071-23/+0
* Refactor action target names Host-quiesceJosh D. King2017-04-111-1/+1
* Refactor action target names Host-start-stopJosh D. King2017-04-111-2/+2
* LED: Remove methods used to set and clear Identify LEDs.Vishwanatha Subbanna2017-03-301-21/+0
* Go to quiesce state on checkstop/watchdog errorMichael Tritz2017-02-201-3/+10
* python: add vim modelinesBrad Bishop2016-09-231-0/+2
* Use super to construct dbus.service.ObjectBrad Bishop2016-09-121-4/+3
* chassis: pep8 fixesBrad Bishop2016-09-121-11/+7
* chassis_control: remove unused modulesBrad Bishop2016-09-061-3/+1
* chassis_control: remove execute permissionsBrad Bishop2016-09-061-0/+0
* chassis: Use systemd for chassis on/offBrad Bishop2016-08-311-16/+11
* Start host watchdog after magic sequenceAdriana Kobylak2016-08-191-16/+0
* Power button power off behaviorAdriana Kobylak2016-08-171-5/+6
* chassis_control: Log an event when emergency shutdown hostYi Li2016-08-081-1/+16
* Remove unnecessary InterfacesAdded signalsBrad Bishop2016-07-101-1/+0
* Export objects prior to bus name grabBrad Bishop2016-07-101-0/+2
* Defer busname ownership until init completeBrad Bishop2016-07-101-1/+1
* Disable watchdog timer if debug_mode is setAndrew Geissler2016-07-011-5/+21
* Reformat pychassisctl/ with pep8 standardsAndrew Geissler2016-06-301-192/+200
* Reorganize directory structureBrad Bishop2016-06-104-0/+232
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