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diff --git a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/nest/p9_pba_coherent_utils.H b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/nest/p9_pba_coherent_utils.H
index 049d19e2..bf6ff046 100644
--- a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/nest/p9_pba_coherent_utils.H
+++ b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/nest/p9_pba_coherent_utils.H
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
/* */
/* OpenPOWER sbe Project */
/* */
-/* Contributors Listed Below - COPYRIGHT 2015,2016 */
+/* Contributors Listed Below - COPYRIGHT 2015,2017 */
/* [+] International Business Machines Corp. */
/* */
/* */
@@ -280,6 +280,31 @@ extern "C"
const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_PROC_CHIP>& i_target,
const uint64_t i_baseAddress);
+///@brief does extra error handling for if we hit a problem with a read or write
+///@param[in] i_target => P9 chip target
+///@param[in] i_rc => The current error that we are seeing from the read/write
+///@return the error that we got from the scom or a different error that points to a problem in the PBA
+ fapi2::ReturnCode p9_pba_coherent_error_handling(const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_PROC_CHIP>& i_target,
+ fapi2::ReturnCode i_rc);
+///@brief does error checking on the OCB side
+///@param[in] i_target => P9 chip target
+///@return FAPI_RC_SUCCESS if no errors are detected otherwise an error that contains what is in the OCB status registers
+ fapi2::ReturnCode p9_pba_coherent_check_ocb_status(const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_PROC_CHIP>& i_target);
+///@brief does error checking on the PBA Fir
+///@param[in] i_target => P9 chip target
+///@return FAPI_RC_SUCCESS if no errros are detected otherwise an error that has what error is in the PBA Fir
+ fapi2::ReturnCode p9_pba_coherent_check_pba_fir(const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_PROC_CHIP>& i_target);
+///@brief calls all of the error checking procedures (ocb_status, check_pba_fir, and status_check)
+///@param[in] i_target => P9 chip target
+///@return FAPI_RC_SUCCESS if no errors are detected on the PBA
+ fapi2::ReturnCode p9_pba_coherent_check_status_for_err_handling(const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_PROC_CHIP>&
+ i_target);
} //extern "C"
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