path: root/arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc8xxx/fdt.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* crypto/fsl: Add fixup for crypto nodeRuchika Gupta2015-01-231-170/+0
* drivers: usb: Make usb device-tree fixup code architecture independentNikhil Badola2014-12-111-104/+0
* fsl_sec : Change accessor function to take care of endiannessRuchika Gupta2014-10-161-2/+2
* powerpc/8xxx: Fix in USB device-tree fixupramneek mehresh2014-09-241-11/+9
* powerpc/usb:Define CONFIG_USB_MAX_CONTROLLER_COUNT for all 85xx socsramneek mehresh2013-10-241-2/+4
* powerpc/usb: Depricate usb_phy_type and usb_dr_mode uboot env variablesramneek mehresh2013-08-141-22/+0
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-17/+1
* powerpc/usb: Fix usb device-tree fix-upramneek mehresh2013-04-101-0/+5
* powerpc/mpc85xx: Add property 'fsl, sec-era' in device tree node 'crypto'Vakul Garg2013-01-301-1/+77
* powerpc/mpc8xxx: take fdt_fixup_crypto_node() off the checkstack listKim Phillips2012-11-271-3/+3
* powerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix USB device-tree fixupramneek mehresh2012-10-221-16/+34
* powerpc/mpc8xxx: fix core id for multicore bootingYork Sun2012-08-231-1/+2
* powerpc/8xxx:Add MPH controller support in USB device-tree fixupramneek mehresh2012-02-151-10/+19
* powerpc/8xxx: Cleanup USB device-tree fixupramneek mehresh2012-02-151-6/+12
* powerpc/85xx: Fix warning for USB device-fixupRamneek Mehresh2011-11-081-11/+13
* powerpc/85xx: Update device tree handling for SRIOKumar Gala2011-10-181-10/+62
* powerpc/mp: add support for discontiguous coresTimur Tabi2011-09-291-1/+1
* powerpc/8xxx: Remove dependency on <usb.h>Kumar Gala2011-07-291-4/+3
* powerpc/85xx: enable USB2 gadget mode for corenet ds boardShaohui Xie2011-07-291-2/+0
* powerpc/8xxx: Update USB mode device tree fixupRamneek Mehresh2011-07-111-12/+65
* fsl: Change fsl_phy_enet_if to phy_interface_tAndy Fleming2011-04-201-20/+3
* powerpc/8xxx: Refactor SRIO initialization into common codeKumar Gala2011-01-141-1/+22
* powerpc/8xxx: Add fdt_fixup_phy_connection helperKumar Gala2010-10-201-0/+24
* powerpc/8xxx: Add is_core_disabled to remove disabled cores from dtbKumar Gala2010-07-161-2/+3
* mpc8xxx: Remove cpu-handles for cpus we deleteKumar Gala2010-07-161-6/+30
* powerpc/8xxx: Add base support for the SEC4Kim Phillips2010-07-161-0/+6
* powerpc/8xxx: Distinguish between incompatible SEC h/w typesKim Phillips2010-07-161-3/+3
* fdt: move fsl specific code from common fdt area to mpc8xxx/fdt.cKim Phillips2010-07-161-1/+132
* Move arch/ppc to arch/powerpcStefan Roese2010-04-211-0/+55
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