Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Fix to use mkstemp for temp shadow file creationHEADmasterRichard Marian Thomaiyar2018-01-194-36/+41
* Add GTEST casesVishwanatha Subbanna2017-10-125-1/+266
* Throw exceptions on password update failureVishwanatha Subbanna2017-10-122-14/+52
* Update shadow password file with new passwordVishwanatha Subbanna2017-10-126-13/+318
* Extract crypto algorithm field and add utility functionsVishwanatha Subbanna2017-09-133-3/+92
* Add gitignore fileVishwanatha Subbanna2017-09-131-0/+47
* Implement user password interfaceVishwanatha Subbanna2017-09-135-0/+134
* Put initial skeleton code of user managerVishwanatha Subbanna2017-09-064-0/+66
* Initial commitPatrick Williams2017-09-051-0/+201
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