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* gen_pimrules: Update the Boot Progress SensorAdriana Kobylak2018-08-071-4/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | The boot progress sensor has moved from the /org/openbmc/sensors path to /xyz/openbmc_project/state/host0. (Reference: the phosphor-ipmi-sensor-inventory%/config.yaml files under the openbmc/openbmc repository). Update gen_pimrules with the correct sensor path and value. Tested: Verified Witherspoon powered on to the Host OS. Change-Id: I76df4e84176d05804e98e98703796af57d8f9b05 Signed-off-by: Adriana Kobylak <>
* Add gen_pimrules scriptBrad Bishop2017-02-281-0/+183
Add a script for generating PIM rules. Change-Id: I9de54785938fcbf8de3a1ac8f42fa37a52f99d2c Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
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