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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* MIPS: Split I & D cache line size configPaul Burton2016-05-311-1/+4
* MIPS: Move cache sizes to KconfigPaul Burton2016-05-311-0/+9
* MIPS: Move CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE to KconfigPaul Burton2016-05-261-0/+3
* mips: vct: move CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE away from config.mkMasahiro Yamada2016-01-201-13/+0
* MIPS: vct: fix I/O accessor callsDaniel Schwierzeck2016-01-161-2/+4
* arch: Make board selection choices optionalJoe Hershberger2015-05-121-0/+1
* MIPS: kconfig: add options for vct board variant selectDaniel Schwierzeck2014-11-011-0/+24
* MIPS: kconfig: globally define CONFIG_SYS_CPU for MIPSDaniel Schwierzeck2014-11-011-3/+0
* MAINTAINERS: comment out blank M: fieldMasahiro Yamada2014-09-241-1/+1
* kconfig: remove redundant "string" type in arch and board KconfigsMasahiro Yamada2014-09-131-4/+0
* Add board MAINTAINERS filesMasahiro Yamada2014-07-301-0/+17
* kconfig: add board Kconfig and defconfig filesMasahiro Yamada2014-07-301-0/+19
* board: delete unused sinclude directiveMasahiro Yamada2014-03-041-2/+0
* mips: convert makefiles to Kbuild styleMasahiro Yamada2013-10-311-29/+8
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-2429-412/+29
* MIPS: vct: remove custom scriptGabor Juhos2013-01-311-68/+0
* MIPS: remove OUTPUT_FORMAT from linker scriptsGabor Juhos2013-01-301-1/+0
* common: Discard the __u_boot_cmd sectionMarek Vasut2012-10-221-7/+0
* common: Add .u_boot_list into all linker filesMarek Vasut2012-10-221-0/+5
* punt unused clean/distclean targetsMike Frysinger2011-10-151-6/+0
* Fix incorrect use of getenv() before relocationWolfgang Denk2011-05-121-3/+4
* MIPS: Introduce --gc-sections for MIPSDaniel Schwierzeck2011-05-101-5/+5
* Switch from archive libraries to partial linkingSebastien Carlier2010-11-171-2/+2
* Rename TEXT_BASE into CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEWolfgang Denk2010-10-181-2/+2
* Make sure that argv[] argument pointers are not modified.Wolfgang Denk2010-07-041-3/+3
* MIPS: VCT: Remove read_spareram referenceShinya Kuribayashi2009-09-281-1/+0
* Convert SMC911X Ethernet driver to CONFIG_NET_MULTI APIBen Warren2009-07-222-4/+28
* General help message cleanupWolfgang Denk2009-06-121-3/+3
* Fix all linker script to handle all rodata sectionsTrent Piepho2009-03-201-1/+1
* MIPS: Add VCT board series support (Part 3/3)Stefan Roese2009-01-2712-0/+1203
* MIPS: Add VCT board series support (Part 2/3)Stefan Roese2009-01-279-0/+2047
* MIPS: Add VCT board series support (Part 1/3)Stefan Roese2009-01-2710-0/+1261
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