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# VHD2VL v3.0
-Vhd2vl is designed to translate synthesizable VHDL into Verilog 2001.
+Vhd2vl is designed to translate synthesizable VHDL into Verilog 1995 or 2001.
It does not support the full VHDL grammar - most of the testbench
related features have been left out. See the examples and
translated_examples directories for examples of what vhd2vl can do.
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ This version of vhd2vl has been tested with
* Debian 8 (Jessie): gcc-4.9.2 or clang-3.5.0, bison-3.0.2, flex-2.5.39, glibc-2.19
* Debian 9 (Stretch): gcc-6.3.0 or clang-3.8.1, bison-3.0.4, flex-2.6.1, glibc-2.24
-Also recent tcc from git mob.
+It is also verified to work with recent tinycc from its git mob.
This is portable C89/C99 code. It can be expected to work with any
fairly recent version of the required tools.
@@ -116,8 +116,8 @@ sensitive. If you're sloppy with case in the original VHDL, the
resulting Verilog will have compile-time warnings or errors. See
the comments about vhd2vl-2.1 in the changelog file.
-Doesn't handle functions procedures, or packages. See above for possible
-ways to handle packages.
+Doesn't handle functions, procedures, or packages. See above for a possible
+way to handle packages.
Doesn't necessarily get clock edge sensitivities right if there is more
than one clock in the list.
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