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* Align fapi sim delay to 32bytesspashabk-in2017-10-181-1/+1
* SIM delay align to the instruction cachlinespashabk-in2017-10-041-4/+11
* change queryChipEcAndName to return fapi2 ReturnCodeJoe McGill2017-08-301-1/+3
* Removed delay tracesSachin Gupta2017-07-141-3/+0
* Removed critical_section enter/exit calls within the delay methodRaja Das2017-06-141-11/+0
* Added FAPI traces in the delay method to for current/target timeRaja Das2017-06-061-0/+8
* Remove Endian SwitchesSantosh Puranik2017-06-011-57/+1
* FAPI Plat CleanupSantosh Puranik2017-05-311-0/+196
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