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TOR Magic header support
HW-Image-Coreq=Yes SBE-Image-Coreq=No (SBE image is back compatible) This commit adds an 12-byte header to all TOR ring sections: - for improved self-containment of TOR ring sections incl stand-alone ring sections like .overrides which, currently, has no meaningful size info associated with it in the PNOR, - to support a more data-driven implementation of TOR API, - to eliminate the current usage of XIP_MAGIC ids to inform the TOR APIs which ring section they are dealing with, and - to improve debugging binary ring sections. The TOR header expands on the current TorNumDdLevels field in the HW ring section and is added to all other ring sections as well, e.g. for the SBE and OVRD ring sections. Most importantly, the TOR header adds the TOR magic number which is unique for each possible TOR ring section. Also, of quite practical importance, a size field has been added so that the size of a true standalone section like .overrides can be extracted (since its size in PNOR is not indicative of its size). Further, to support the use of ddLevel and chipType in the TOR header fields, these two data points need to be always supplied whenever calling ring_apply. Thus, updates have been made to the file as well as the override .pl script. While making these changes, we also decided to change the --type arg to the --bOverrides arg to make the arguments being passed less confusing in view of the Centaur commit that's coming and its demands to make codes less data dependent, incl make and script files which should simply inform the functional intent of the "user". The user shouldn't presume it knows about which specific type of ring section needs to be produced. Further, the DD level block struct has been increased from 8B to 12B to avoid the unnecessarily complex merging of the ddLevel and offset into the same 4B field. It's included in this commit since this is also going to break the lab and because the required code changes are in the same places where the code changes needed for the TOR header are. Further, xip_tool has been updated to support the new TOR header so that it can be called by supplying a standalone ring section, such as overrides.bin. Various changes have been made in xip_tool's dissect section to support overrides as well. This code uses many of the code changes in 33778 except changes to p9_tor.C|H are at a bare minimum focusing on the functional changes and keeping any cleanups to a minimum changing only some variable names associated with the functional changes for improved readability of the code. CMVC-Prereq: 1034144 CMVC-Prereq: 1035575 Change-Id: I29ba8905ac55dad5c10878a94fb94468e5580ea0 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Server <> Tested-by: HWSV CI <> Reviewed-by: Jennifer A. Stofer <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Hostboot Team <> Tested-by: FSP CI Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Sachin Gupta <>
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diff --git a/src/test/framework/etc/workarounds.presimsetup b/src/test/framework/etc/workarounds.presimsetup
index 8f0c2d1a..ba4d1567 100755
--- a/src/test/framework/etc/workarounds.presimsetup
+++ b/src/test/framework/etc/workarounds.presimsetup
@@ -29,7 +29,11 @@
#egrep -v "WSALIAS DEFAULT FIPSLEVEL|WSALIAS DEFAULT SIMICSLEVEL" $BACKING_BUILD/src/simu/data/simicsInfo > $sb/simu/data/simicsInfo
#echo "WSALIAS DEFAULT FIPSLEVEL env/gfwb/simics-4.2.0/simics-4.2.83/fips/fld36/fi120201a700.42" >> $sb/simu/data/simicsInfo
#echo "WSALIAS DEFAULT SIMICSLEVEL env/vtechb/simics-4.2.0/simics-4.2.83/bin" >> $sb/simu/data/simicsInfo
+#cp /gsa/ausgsa/home/t/h/thi/public/p9n.hw_image.bin $SANDBOXBASE/src/engd/href/p9n.temp_hw_ref_image.bin
+#cp /gsa/ausgsa/home/t/h/thi/public/p9_ipl_build.exe $SANDBOXBASE/obj/ppc/hwsv/server/buildhwpf2/hwpf2/tools/x86_binaries/p9_ipl_build
#mkdir -p $SANDBOXBASE/obj/ppc/hwsv/server/buildhwpf2/hwpf2/tools/x86_binaries/
#mkdir -p $SANDBOXBASE/src/engd/href
-#cp /gsa/ausgsa/home/t/h/thi/public/p9n.hw_image.bin $SANDBOXBASE/src/engd/href/p9n.temp_hw_ref_image.bin
-#cp /gsa/ausgsa/home/t/h/thi/public/p9_ipl_build.exe $SANDBOXBASE/obj/ppc/hwsv/server/buildhwpf2/hwpf2/tools/x86_binaries/p9_ipl_build
+#cp /esw/san5/cmolsen/sb/hw/tests/refs/ppe-ci/p9_ipl_build_magic_20170817.exe $SANDBOXBASE/obj/ppc/hwsv/server/buildhwpf2/hwpf2/tools/x86_binaries/p9_ipl_build
+#cp /esw/san5/cmolsen/sb/hw/tests/refs/ppe-ci/p9n.hw_image_magic_20170817.bin $SANDBOXBASE/src/engd/href/p9n.temp_hw_ref_image.bin
+#cp /esw/san5/cmolsen/sb/hw/tests/refs/ppe-ci/p9c.hw_image_magic_20170817.bin $SANDBOXBASE/src/engd/href/p9c.temp_hw_ref_image.bin
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