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authorClaus Michael Olsen <>2015-10-27 16:48:15 -0500
committerGregory S. Still <>2015-10-28 09:48:30 -0500
commita035ffcdfdadf6f119c277599a5f04057d34f01f (patch)
tree1f58de76da1a9e95ecaa03ef2aee41f000f1cd65 /pk
parenta13cac70096c0693622321f399fd2eb43a4bccfc (diff)
Added application level PK_PANIC offset for the various PPE engines
to support easier debugging of application level halts and to prevent accidental reuse of same PK_PANIC codes as is currently used by the kernel, i.e. all the 0x00779xxx codes. Change-Id: I327d72994e5a6f6065681c81a50a50b9e298733d Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Server Reviewed-by: Claus Michael Olsen <> Reviewed-by: Douglas R. Gilbert <> Reviewed-by: Gregory S. Still <>
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diff --git a/pk/kernel/pk_api.h b/pk/kernel/pk_api.h
index e1d49d86..66ed1324 100644
--- a/pk/kernel/pk_api.h
+++ b/pk/kernel/pk_api.h
@@ -90,6 +90,18 @@
#define PK_THREAD_TIMEOUT_STATE 0x00779045
+// Application-level panic offsets
+// (Use these as offsets for your application code panics and keep
+// track of them locally in your application code domain, including
+// sharing the panic defines with other developers making codes
+// for the same engine.)
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_SBE 0x0077a000
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_GPE0 0x0077b000
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_GPE1 0x0077c000
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_GPE2 0x0077d000
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_GPE3 0x0077e000
+#define PK_APP_OFFSET_CME 0x0077f000
/// \defgroup pk_thread_states PK Thread States
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