path: root/ui/ncurses/nc-scr.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ui/ncurses: Add nc-subset selection screenSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2015-05-051-0/+1
* ui/ncurses: Add support for 'add-url' actionSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-07-281-1/+2
* ui/ncurses: Add language selector & support for language changesJeremy Kerr2014-07-281-1/+2
* ui/ncurses: Abstract text-screen code from sysinfo screenJeremy Kerr2014-01-311-1/+1
* ui/ncurses: Add basic config editorJeremy Kerr2013-11-141-1/+2
* ui/ncurses: Add sysinfo screenJeremy Kerr2013-11-131-5/+6
* ui/ncurses/scr: Add definition for frame offsetJeremy Kerr2013-11-131-0/+1
* ui/ncurses: Add nc_scr_{un,}post()Jeremy Kerr2013-11-131-0/+3
* ui/ncurses: Move general nc init code to cui moduleJeremy Kerr2013-11-131-3/+0
* logging: Clean up debug logsJeremy Kerr2013-11-011-7/+2
* ui/ncurses: Display sysinfo type & identifierJeremy Kerr2013-10-091-1/+3
* configure: Update to use AX_WITH_CURSESGeoff Levand2013-07-231-1/+13
* ui/ncurses: move getch() out of process_key callbacksJeremy Kerr2013-05-211-2/+2
* ui/ncurses: ked -> boot-editorJeremy Kerr2013-04-151-5/+5
* nc: Only expand debug macros if DEBUG is definedJeremy Kerr2013-03-051-0/+6
* Add ncurses joystick supportGeoff Levand2009-07-091-0/+1
* Add ncurses UI menuGeoff Levand2009-06-301-0/+85
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