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* po: Minor Russian translation updatesSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-10-0811-19/+19
* po: French translation updatesSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-09-301-14/+13
* po: translation updatesSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-09-2311-53/+189
* po: Add initial translationsJeremy Kerr2014-09-1812-1/+5434
* ui/ncurses: Help string fixesJeremy Kerr2014-09-041-7/+7
* ui/ncurses: Exit safe mode on configuration changeSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-09-041-1/+4
* discover: Reject ADD_URL actions without configured networkSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-09-041-1/+4
* ui/ncurses: Update 'add-url' help messageSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-08-251-9/+9
* ui/ncurses: Add new main menu options to help screenJeremy Kerr2014-08-211-1/+17
* ui/ncurses: Make device labels translateableJeremy Kerr2014-08-211-1/+13
* ui/ncurses: Add support for 'add-url' actionSamuel Mendoza-Jonas2014-07-282-13/+55
* discover: Use translated strings for boot status messagesJeremy Kerr2014-07-282-0/+45
* ui/ncurses: Add language selector & support for language changesJeremy Kerr2014-07-282-2/+13
* ui/ncurses: Move menu initialisation to cui codeJeremy Kerr2014-07-282-20/+20
* i18n: Add english translationJeremy Kerr2014-07-282-0/+411
* ui/ncurses: Mark help text as translateableJeremy Kerr2014-07-282-1/+5
* i18n: Mark translatable strings for ncurses UIJeremy Kerr2014-07-281-0/+9
* Add gettext infrastructureJeremy Kerr2014-07-284-0/+56
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