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* Convert build to use automakeGeoff Levand2012-02-121-45/+0
* Add twin checks to configureGeoff Levand2011-11-121-0/+1
* Add petitboot man pagesGeoff Levand2009-07-091-0/+1
* makefile INSTALL variablesGeoff Levand2009-07-091-0/+5
* Add PS3 ncurses CUI programGeoff Levand2009-06-301-0/+3
* Add SHELL to Makefile.inGeoff Levand2009-03-231-0/+1
* Hookup the --with-twin configure optionGeoff Levand2009-03-231-0/+2
* Initial device handler codeJeremy Kerr2008-12-161-0/+1
* Initial support for multiple UIsJeremy Kerr2008-12-151-0/+1
* autoconfiscateJeremy Kerr2008-12-091-0/+30
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