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Remove outdated TODO file
There's still plenty to do and patches are still very welcome, but the TODO file departed from reality a very long time ago; better to start over again. Signed-off-by: Samuel Mendoza-Jonas <>
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-Todo for petitboot (LOTS !):
- * GUI code is still based on the original mockup hack. Needs to be completely
- refactored. We need to define some useable canvas/widget classes in twin and
- use them
- * Add some useable GUI for graphic modes selection and return to GameOS instead
- of the current hacks
- * Rework keyboard handling. twin needs a proper input method support, including
- at least a way to use the kernel keymaps and modifiers key handling. Remove
- some of the keyboard hacks from twin_fbdev and move console switching to
- petitboot
- * Mouse support (twin/petitboot supports it somewhat but it's not working,
- check why, probably an udev issue or missing kernel driver)
- * Saving settings in nvram
- - default boot option
- - default language (when language support is in)
- - video mode (can we read gameos' video settings instead?)
- * uncrappify focus box animation code (do it differently so it doesn't totally
- sucks on the left pane due to the time needed for the alpha blending when the
- box "touches" an icon)
- * Fix issues with yaboot.conf parsing and kboot.conf parsing. Add a proper
- native file format instead of the current hack (or make yaboot.conf native?),
- add icon support to all formats
- * Fixup issues with races vs. udev-helper. Maybe have a global way to keep
- track of present devices, properly make sure add/remove are ordered, etc...
- * Get rid of libm by building libpng without floating point support (and build
- it without write support while at it, to save more space)
- * Define a proper binary format for converted twin fonts and use a proper font
- with multiple language support rather than the stroke font which does US
- ASCII only at the moment
- * i18n support in config files
- * fix title/subtitles "leaking" out of the right side focus box
- * get YDL to fix their config file on their install CD or add a hack to
- recognize it and fix it up
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