path: root/tools/image-host.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* tools: fix typo in tools/image-host.cHeiko Schocher2014-08-141-1/+1
* Enhance fit_check_sign to check all imagesSimon Glass2014-06-191-3/+9
* mkimage: Automatically expand FDT in more casesSimon Glass2014-06-191-1/+3
* mkimage: Automatically make space in FDT when fullSimon Glass2014-06-111-9/+17
* tools, fit_check_sign: verify a signed fit imageHeiko Schocher2014-03-211-0/+15
* tools/image-host: fix sign-images bugHeiko Schocher2014-03-211-1/+1
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-17/+1
* image: Add support for signing of FIT configurationsSimon Glass2013-06-261-1/+340
* image: Support signing of imagesSimon Glass2013-06-261-10/+176
* image: Rename fit_add_hashes() to fit_add_verification_data()Simon Glass2013-05-141-77/+66
* image: Convert fit_image_hash_set_value() to static, and renameSimon Glass2013-05-141-31/+31
* image: Split hash node processing into its own functionSimon Glass2013-05-141-39/+57
* image: Move HOSTCC image code to tools/Simon Glass2013-05-141-0/+201
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