path: root/arch/arc/cpu
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* arc: make sure _start is in the beginning of .text sectionAlexey Brodkin2015-04-101-0/+1
* arc: merge common start-up code between ARC and ARCv2Alexey Brodkin2015-04-036-510/+56
* arc: introduce U-Boot port for ARCv2 ISAAlexey Brodkin2015-02-132-0/+261
* arc: move CPU flags selection to the main ""Alexey Brodkin2015-02-091-7/+0
* arc: rename "arc700" in "arcv1"Alexey Brodkin2015-01-153-0/+0
* arc: move common sources in libraryAlexey Brodkin2015-01-156-406/+1
* arc: move linker script in arch/arc/cpu folderAlexey Brodkin2015-01-151-0/+0
* arc: introduce separate section for interrupt vector tableIgor Guryanov2015-01-153-27/+40
* arc: add dependences on MMU presenceAlexey Brodkin2015-01-151-4/+14
* arc: interrupts - fix mask setupIgor Guryanov2015-01-151-1/+1
* arc: add ECR (exception cause register) outputIgor Guryanov2015-01-152-4/+7
* arc: check caches existence before useIgor Guryanov2015-01-151-0/+29
* arc: add cpu filesAlexey Brodkin2014-02-079-0/+703
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