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authorSimon Glass <>2014-12-01 17:33:59 -0700
committerSimon Glass <>2015-01-14 21:16:53 -0800
commitf210b58734b750fcab3d4fef6477a6eaf39b5d51 (patch)
tree2c8f7327d1c682e77f4fd9060a755e6819bc6b11 /tools
parentb53241230ddc4f007179b6b0659e0eb240f25400 (diff)
buildman: Put the toolchain path first instead of last in PATH
If: 1. Toolchains A and B have the same filename 2. Toolchain A is in the PATH 3. Toolchain B is given in ~/.buildman and buildman uses it to build then buildman will add toolchain B to the end of its path but will not necessarily use it since U-Boot will find toolchain A first in the PATH. Try to fix this by putting the toolchain first in the path instead of last. Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
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diff --git a/tools/buildman/ b/tools/buildman/
index e2a851ebd6..ab08193349 100644
--- a/tools/buildman/
+++ b/tools/buildman/
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ class Toolchain:
env = dict(os.environ)
env['CROSS_COMPILE'] = self.cross
- env['PATH'] += (':' + self.path)
+ env['PATH'] = self.path + ':' + env['PATH']
return env
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