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kbuild: import more build scripts from Linux v3.13 tag
This commit imports build scripts from Linux Kernel v3.13 as they are. I know they include some trailing spaces but I am intentionally keeping them untouched. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
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+# Makefile.basic lists the most basic programs used during the build process.
+# The programs listed herein are what are needed to do the basic stuff,
+# such as fix file dependencies.
+# This initial step is needed to avoid files to be recompiled
+# when kernel configuration changes (which is what happens when
+# .config is included by main Makefile.
+# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
+# fixdep: Used to generate dependency information during build process
+hostprogs-y := fixdep
+always := $(hostprogs-y)
+# fixdep is needed to compile other host programs
+$(addprefix $(obj)/,$(filter-out fixdep,$(always))): $(obj)/fixdep
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