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Replace "extern inline" with "static inline"
A number of headers define functions as "extern inline" which is causing problems with gcc5. The reason is that starting with version 5.1, gcc defaults to the standard C99 semantics for the inline keyword. Under the traditional GNU inline semantics, an "extern inline" function would never create an external definition, the same as inline *without* extern in C99. In C99, and "extern inline" definition is simply an external definition with an inline hint. In short, the meanings of inline with and without extern are swapped between GNU and C99. The upshot is that all these definitions in header files create an external definition wherever those headers are included, resulting in multiple definition errors at link time. Changing all these functions to "static inline" fixes the problem since this works as desired in all gcc versions. Although the semantics are slightly different (a static inline definition may result in an actual function being emitted), it works as intended in practice. This patch also removes extern prototype declarations for the changed functions where they existed. Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>
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