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x86: video: Allow keyboard presence to be controlled by device tree
At present a VGA console assumes a keyboard unless a CONFIG option is set. This difference can be dealt with by a device tree option, allowing boards that are otherwise the same to use the same configuration. Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
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$ make DEVICE_TREE=<dts-file-name>
+Configuration Options
+A number of run-time configuration options are provided in the /config node
+of the control device tree. You can access these using fdtdec_get_config_int(),
+fdtdec_get_config_bool() and fdtdec_get_config_string().
+Available options are:
+ If present and non-zero, the console is silenced by default on boot.
+ Tells U-Boot not to expect an attached keyboard with a VGA console
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