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armv8/ls2085ardb: Enable NAND SPL support
Enable NAND boot support using SPL framework. To boot from NAND, either use DIP switches on board, or "qixis_reset nand" command. Details of forming NAND image can be found in README. Signed-off-by: Scott Wood <> [York Sun: Remove +S from defconfig after commit 252ed872] Signed-off-by: York Sun <>
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@@ -133,3 +133,16 @@ The u-boot image should be written to match SRC_ADDR, in above example 0x20000.
nand write <u-boot image in memory> 200000 <size of u-boot image>
With these two images in NAND device, the board can boot from NAND.
+Another example for RDB boards,
+1) CCSR 4-byte write to 0x00e00404, data=0x00000000
+2) CCSR 4-byte write to 0x00e00400, data=0x1800a000
+3) Block Copy: SRC=0x0119, SRC_ADDR=0x00080000, DEST_ADDR=0x1800a000,
+nand write <rcw image in memory> 0 <size of rcw image>
+nand write <u-boot image in memory> 80000 <size of u-boot image>
+Notice the difference from QDS is SRC, SRC_ADDR and the offset of u-boot image
+to match board NAND device with 4KB/page, block size 512KB.
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