path: root/src/import/chips/p9a/procedures/hwp/memory/lib
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Add blank files for P9A plug rulesLouis Stermole2020-02-142-0/+48
* host_mc_traits blank file commit for after_p9a_omi_initNico Fajardo2020-02-111-0/+24
* Change p9a_mss_freq to work on PROC_CHIP targetLouis Stermole2020-01-293-45/+53
* Adding blank p9a fir folder and filesNico Fajardo2020-01-293-0/+72
* Add code and workarounds for *_omi_setup and *_omi_train for SwiftMark Pizzutillo2019-10-173-35/+147
* Add ekb dual drop support for p9aMark Pizzutillo2019-09-141-2/+2
* Add rank API support in axone_mss_freqMark Pizzutillo2019-08-122-54/+43
* Add PRBS training sequence to exp_omi_setupMark Pizzutillo2019-08-093-434/+309
* Add omi_workarounds blank files for PRBS OMI training workaroundsMark Pizzutillo2019-07-292-0/+48
* Move pre_eff_config specific code to chip specific foldersAndre Marin2019-07-291-0/+555
* Add p9a_throttle_sync procedureMark Pizzutillo2019-07-111-0/+4
* add manual omi training sequenceDevon Baughen2019-06-251-4/+5
* add omi attrs for omi dl config0Devon Baughen2019-06-201-2/+9
* Add OMI_EDPL_DISABLE attributeAlvin Wang2019-06-131-1/+4
* Modify initial PRBS patter before DL link training startsAndre A. Marin2019-06-051-1/+1
* Add p9a_mss_freq_system procedureLouis Stermole2019-04-253-55/+39
* Adds p9a freq specializationStephen Glancy2019-04-161-0/+12
* Fix compile bugs in axone_syncChristian Geddes2019-04-151-5/+3
* Add p9a_mss_freq procedureLouis Stermole2019-04-154-0/+927
* Fix duplicate symbol errors from DEFAULT_MC_TYPELouis Stermole2019-04-052-7/+25
* Add empty files for DEFAULT_MC_TYPE constantsLouis Stermole2019-03-271-0/+24
* Move explorer specialization of eff_memory_size into explorer libLouis Stermole2019-03-261-42/+0
* Move p9a sync.C and sync.H to new names to fix collisionsLouis Stermole2019-03-202-2/+2
* Add p9a version of eff_memory_size APILouis Stermole2019-03-201-0/+42
* Add new files required for fixing mss::index, mss::pos, and mss::c_strLouis Stermole2019-03-121-0/+24
* Add empty files required for p9a_mss_freqLouis Stermole2019-03-074-0/+96
* Add empty file required for templating eff_memory_sizeLouis Stermole2019-03-071-0/+24
* Add empty pos, c_str files to split dimm specializationAndre Marin2019-02-232-0/+48
* Add p9a_mss_volt procedureLouis Stermole2019-02-191-0/+95
* Add empty HWPs, UTs, and makefiles needed for AxoneAndre Marin2019-02-191-0/+24
* Add empty p9a unit test and axone_pre_data_engine files for HB mirroringAndre Marin2019-02-171-0/+24
* Adds p9a_omi_train procedure(START)Alvin Wang2019-02-133-0/+1055
* Adds empty files for exp_draminit_mc and p9a_omi_trainAlvin Wang2019-02-063-0/+72
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