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authorClaus Michael Olsen <>2018-05-14 17:51:09 -0500
committerDaniel M. Crowell <>2018-10-14 13:05:32 -0500
commit52b76be222254e59959db984606c09dae854270b (patch)
treea009b9fbeca0437d3552844bfd55f64147d4a0e1 /src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors
parent62feee748b72ef5f7cb1032964dab2b0686cd916 (diff)
P10 prep: Infrastructure (IS) ring Id metadata and API changes
Gerrit intent: - Applicable for P9 merge (co-req NOT required) - Co-req not req'd for any tests Includes the following changes: - Accommodates initCompiler's needs for additional ring Id APIs to retrieve IS's key ring identifiers, ringId and ringClass, and to align with our enumerated chipId - Elimination of redundancy in and reorg of IS's ring Id lists: RingProperties, GenRingIdList (gone) and ChipletData. - GenRingIdList has been removed. - Expand RingProperties to also include scanScomAddr and ringClass. - Member of ring and chiplet properties structs have been renamed in consistent camel style (no longer using "iv_" anywhere). - Note that with "infrastructure (IS)" we here mean the core infrastructure codes that directly interact with and affect the image. Key_Cronus_Test=XIP_REGRESS Change-Id: I7e92af04edd10c0994718e476f6e7b77c5d124d6 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Server <> Tested-by: Jenkins OP Build CI <> Tested-by: Jenkins OP HW <> Tested-by: FSP CI Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Daniel M. Crowell <>
Diffstat (limited to 'src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors')
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors/p9_mvpd_ring_funcs.C b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors/p9_mvpd_ring_funcs.C
index 851e66dd1..8b136040d 100644
--- a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors/p9_mvpd_ring_funcs.C
+++ b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/accessors/p9_mvpd_ring_funcs.C
@@ -424,7 +424,6 @@ extern "C"
return fapi2::current_err;
// Returns a matching MVPD ring in RS4 format at given buffer address,
// NULL otherwise.
// Adjusts buffer pointer and remaining length for the consumed portion
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