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authorPatrick Williams <>2013-02-27 18:58:30 -0600
committerA. Patrick Williams III <>2013-03-01 14:30:16 -0600
commitb3d259d970c91fb8ac3b931e5409dd8cecca699f (patch)
tree156802817d5d014f4affd01eaa1a5332c0491054 /makefile
parentc51452c00b0e2bf2510d63e6863e3cd9802ee711 (diff)
Refactoring of the build system.
- Remove unused files for generating LIDs. - Reduce the overall verbosity of the build. - Separate '' into a number of smaller, topic-centric files and comment better. - Generalize the 'passes' concept and added an IMAGES pass. - Deprecate most "magic" make variables like EXTRAFOO. - Overall performance improvements. I've tried to reduce the impact of these changes on component-level makefiles. There will be follow-up commit(s) to improve those and decrease the verbosity of some component-owned commands. Change-Id: I6d319f5338eb3946f56b281c3cdd5f341a016fcc Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Brian H. Horton <> Tested-by: Jenkins Server Reviewed-by: ADAM R. MUHLE <> Reviewed-by: Daniel M. Crowell <> Reviewed-by: A. Patrick Williams III <>
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1 files changed, 18 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/makefile b/makefile
index 3fdd33b7d..7ba22a319 100644
--- a/makefile
+++ b/makefile
@@ -23,21 +23,37 @@
SUBDIRS = src.d
-EXTRA_PARTS = ${GENDIR}/hwp_id.html check_istep_modules cscope ctags
+IMAGE_PASS_BODY += $(GENDIR)/hwp_id.html $(IMGDIR)/hbotStringFile
+CLEAN_TARGETS += $(GENDIR)/hwp_id.html $(IMGDIR)/hbotStringFile
+IMAGE_PASS_BODY += cscope ctags check_istep_modules
include ./
+.PHONY: docs
docs: src/build/doxygen/doxygen.conf
rm -rf obj/doxygen/*
doxygen src/build/doxygen/doxygen.conf
+.PHONY: citest
+.PHONY: gcov
rm -rf obj/gcov/*
- make gcov_pass
+ $(MAKE) gcov_pass
find obj/gcov/ -size 0c | xargs rm # Delete empty files.
genhtml obj/gcov/*.lcov -o obj/gcov/html
@echo "View GCOV results with: firefox obj/gcov/html/index.html"
+$(IMGDIR)/hbotStringFile : $(IMAGES)
+ $(ROOTPATH)/src/build/trace/ -c -d $(ROOTPATH)/obj -s $@
+$(GENDIR)/hwp_id.html :
+ $(ROOTPATH)/src/build/tools/ -i -l > $@
+.PHONY: check_istep_modules
+check_istep_modules: $(OBJS)
+ $(IMGDIR) -v
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