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<script type="text/javascript">
- // This simple example subscribes, via websocket, to certain events occuring
+ // This simple example subscribes, via websocket, to certain events occurring
// on the BMC. Specfically, it's interested in an d-bus events (object
- // creations, property changes), occuring in the d-bus namespaces
+ // creations, property changes), occurring in the d-bus namespaces
// /xyz/openbmc_project/logging and /xyz/openbmc_project/sensors. It's also
// interested in the interfaces xyz.openbmc_project.Logging.Entry and
// xyz.openbmc_project.Sensor.Value being added, or property changes to
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
// Send in array of d-bus paths and interfaces of interest over the
// websocket. Either/both of them can be an empty array. The arrays
// need to be sent in a JSON dictionary.
- // Client will be notified of events occuring on these paths and/or
+ // Client will be notified of events occurring on these paths and/or
// interfaces.
var data = JSON.stringify(
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