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README: Update README to describe version 2 of the mbox protocol
A second version (V2) of the mbox protocol has been designed to allow more flexibility of the BMC implementation while allowing the host to provide some directives as to what it may access in the future to allow the BMC to prefetch data. The main changes to the protocol in V2 are: - All sizes specified in block size - When opening a window the host provides a size directive and the response contains the actual size of the window. - Add an erase command to make it easier to erase large areas - Add more response codes - Add more BMC->Host event codes Additionally further description of the protocol flow and the commands was added for clarity. These changes are now documented in the README document which describes the mbox protocol. Signed-off-by: Suraj Jitindar Singh <> Change-Id: I0d7a683e0d48810f5f404a0edd58804cbf9ecb35
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