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physical: Conform to LED class kernel ABIHEADmaster
The kernel says the following about the LED sysfs interface: > LED handling under Linux > ======================== > > In its simplest form, the LED class just allows control of LEDs from > userspace. LEDs appear in /sys/class/leds/. The maximum brightness of the > LED is defined in max_brightness file. The brightness file will set the brightness > of the LED (taking a value 0-max_brightness). Most LEDs don't have hardware > brightness support so will just be turned on for non-zero brightness settings. The existing code assumed that max_brightness always held a value of 255 and defined a constant for it. Instead, use a class variable to cache the max brightness for the associated LED. Change-Id: I2d8f46de0cddac5f9d8ff5444449518bb4056130 Signed-off-by: Andrew Jeffery <>
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