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* Refactor ipmi::sensor::GetSensorResponse away from std::arraySui Chen2019-10-281-4/+2
* sensordatahandler: Support empty inventory interfacesSantosh Puranik2019-05-091-0/+9
* move variant to std namespaceVernon Mauery2019-04-181-10/+4
* Remove experimental filesystem spliceVernon Mauery2019-03-281-13/+1
* move types.hpp to ipmid/types.hpp for exportVernon Mauery2019-03-251-1/+1
* Move util.cpp/util.hpp to libipmidVernon Mauery2019-03-251-1/+1
* Convert variant usage to std interfaceWilliam A. Kennington III2018-10-181-7/+15
* Remove direct uses of mapboxJames Feist2018-10-181-1/+1
* move filesystem inclusion to bottom of listPatrick Venture2018-09-251-8/+10
* rename headers to match stylePatrick Venture2018-09-251-2/+1
* add .clang-formatPatrick Venture2018-09-071-77/+53
* Standardize use of filesystemVernon Mauery2018-08-081-1/+11
* Use s.c_str() in log messagesJoseph Reynolds2018-05-311-6/+6
* Grammar and spelling fixesGunnar Mills2018-04-181-1/+1
* sensors: rework sensor assertionBrad Bishop2018-03-071-11/+33
* sensor: Add support for multiple sensor naming patternTom Joseph2018-01-301-0/+14
* sensor: Modify the service lookup for set sensor commandTom Joseph2017-12-041-6/+4
* IPMI changes to mark non present as non functionalDhruvaraj Subhashchandran2017-10-111-8/+24
* IPMI changes to skip updating non present coresDhruvaraj Subhashchandran2017-10-111-0/+11
* Use static path for inventory managerDhruvaraj Subhashchandran2017-09-261-5/+2
* sensor: Add function to map dbus info to reading fieldTom Joseph2017-09-141-0/+36
* sensor: Add function to map dbus info to assertion statusTom Joseph2017-09-141-0/+76
* Refactor set sensor handling codeDeepak Kodihalli2017-08-151-31/+32
* Fix for reboot attempt and catch internal failures.Dhruvaraj Subhashchandran2017-08-101-11/+9
* IPMI: Virtual sensor support in host ipmidDhruvaraj Subhashchandran2017-08-041-0/+258
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