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* Create libipmid and libipmid-hostWilliam A. Kennington III2019-02-071-1/+1
* add std namespace prefix to common methodsPatrick Venture2018-09-251-1/+3
* replaced c headers with cpp where applicablePatrick Venture2018-09-251-2/+0
* rename headers to match stylePatrick Venture2018-09-251-2/+1
* add .clang-formatPatrick Venture2018-09-071-8/+10
* Reducing IPMI logging footprintAditya Saripalli2018-04-181-1/+0
* Spelling fixesGunnar Mills2017-10-311-1/+1
* Add privilege level for each IPMI commandTom2017-01-171-1/+3
* Allow out-of-tree buildsPatrick Williams2016-09-061-1/+1
* ipmid: Change .H -> .hppPatrick Williams2016-09-061-1/+1
* Switch C++ source files to .cpp extensionMatthew Barth2016-08-081-0/+31
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