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Docs: Add IPMI command cheatsheet
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+# IPMI command cheat sheet
+This document is intended to provide a set of IPMI commands for quick reference.
+Note: If the ipmitool is on the BMC then set the interface as "-I dbus" and
+if the ipmitool is outside the BMC (i.e on the network) then set the interface as
+"-I lanplus".
+## Network Configuration
+### Set the interface mode
+ipmitool lan set <channel> ipsrc static
+### Set the IP Address
+ipmitool lan set <channel> ipaddr <ip>
+### Set the network mask
+ipmitool lan set <channel> netmask <mask>
+### Set the default gateway
+ipmitool lan set <channel> defgw ipaddr <ip>
+### Set the VLAN
+ipmitool lan set <channel> vlan id <id>
+### Delete the VLAN
+ipmitool lan set <channel> vlan id off
+NOTE: The user can group multiple set operations since the IPMI daemon
+waits for 10 seconds after each set operation before applying the configuration.
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