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Get Device ID - JSON
This reads in all the get device ID parameters via a JSON file in the rootfs. Using a file in the rootfs will give much more flexibility to consumers of openbmc. Each ODM can simply bbappend their dev_id.json with their own specific get device ID info in. Now you can compile in the required info at build time, or modify during run time if needed. It also does not require any additional compilers/scripts to generate a yaml file. Change-Id: I44dfda54fa1762f88973ad709bf7a50bf32e492d Signed-off-by: David Cobbley <>
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+#Device ID Configuration#
+There is a default dev_id.json file provided by
+Any target can override the default json file by providing a
+phosphor-ipmi-host.bbappend with an ODM or platform customizable configuration.
+For a specific example, see:
+The JSON format for get_device_id:
+ {"id": 0, "revision": 0, "addn_dev_support": 0,
+ "manuf_id": 0, "prod_id": 0, "aux": 0}
+Each value in this JSON object should be an integer. The file is placed in
+/usr/share/ipmi-providers/ by Yocto, and will be parsed upon the first call to
+get_device_id. The data is then cached for future use. If you change the data
+at runtime, simply restart the service to see the new data fetched by a call to
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