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Removal of excess 16 bytes padding
Cipher block padding is applied twice(once manually, and once through EVP_CipherFinal()) causing excess 16 bytes of data. Manual padding is removed to fix the issue. Unit-Test: 1. Verified that files are padded correctly without excess 16 bytes. Also, verified the password update and RMCP+ login using ipmitool ipmitool user set password <userid> <password> ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U <userid> -P <password> raw 6 1 2. Also verified renaming of user name and login after that Resolves openbmc/openbmc#3463 Change-Id: Idec14b100bf7558137ff14601eb590b50cdbd7bf Signed-off-by: Richard Marian Thomaiyar <>
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