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+List of maintainers for phosphor-host-ipmid
+How to use this list:
+ Find the most specific section entry (described below) that matches where
+ your change lives and add the reviewers (R) and maintainers (M) as
+ reviewers. You can use the same method to track down who knows a particular
+ code base best.
+ Your change/query may span multiple entries; that is okay.
+ If you do not find an entry that describes your request at all, someone
+ forgot to update this list; please at least file an issue or send an email
+ to a maintainer, but preferably you should just update this document.
+Description of section entries:
+ Section entries are structured according to the following scheme:
+ X: ...
+ .
+ .
+ .
+ Where REPO_NAME is the name of the repository within the OpenBMC GitHub
+ organization; FILE_PATH is a file path within the repository, possibly with
+ wildcards; X is a tag of one of the following types:
+ M: Denotes maintainer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
+ if omitted from an entry, assume one of the maintainers from the
+ R: Denotes reviewer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
+ these people are to be added as reviewers for a change matching the repo
+ path.
+ F: Denotes forked from an external repository; has fields URL.
+ Line comments are to be denoted "# SOME COMMENT" (typical shell style
+ comment); it is important to follow the correct syntax and semantics as we
+ may want to use automated tools with this file in the future.
+ A change cannot be added to an OpenBMC repository without a MAINTAINER's
+ approval; thus, a MAINTAINER should always be listed as a reviewer.
+Change approval rules:
+ - Patches must be available for review for a minimum of 48 hours before it
+ can be submitted.
+ - Patches must be be approved (+1) by at least 2 maintainers.
+ - Patches must not have an unresolved -1 vote by any maintainer.
+ - Patches should have all maintainers added for visibility.
+ - Patches should include unit tests where possible.
+ - Feel free to ping on IRC about patches that look good but have not
+ received +2
+Design approval rules:
+ - Design discussions should be carried out via email with, at minimum,
+ all maintainers on the thread. It's encouraged to include the
+ OpenBMC mailing list in the thread as well.
+M: Vernon Mauery <> <vmauery!>
+M: Tom Joseph <> <tomjoseph!>
+M: Emily Shaffer <> <emilyshaffer!>
+R: Adriana Kobylak <> <anoo!>
+R: Deepak Kodihalli <> <dkodihal!>
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