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* Add clang-format to repoPatrick Venture2018-11-014-193/+176
* cleanup: use const reference passing stringPatrick Venture2018-10-141-1/+1
* Use s.c_str() in log messagesJoseph Reynolds2018-05-301-1/+1
* gpio-presence: Pass drivers in to applicationMatt Spinler2017-09-082-2/+63
* gpio-presence: Add function to bind/unbind driversMatt Spinler2017-09-054-4/+90
* Refactor GPIO Presence classGunnar Mills2017-07-273-129/+8
* Monitor for GPIO state changeGunnar Mills2017-07-263-3/+157
* Update inventory item interfaceGunnar Mills2017-07-263-2/+141
* Read GPIO key on startupGunnar Mills2017-07-264-2/+153
* Add base support for GPIO presenceGunnar Mills2017-07-255-0/+182
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