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authorWilliam A. Kennington III <>2019-01-15 15:06:00 -0800
committerBrad Bishop <>2019-01-17 14:08:53 +0000
commitc39e8ce1a6c1929b8acb2f22385b408ef6a38f57 (patch)
treef60d17ab6b0d75dbf1a8c27be1b663bf232655f2 /xyz
parent60a9abb58ddadce2b761c44b8f9d7def02124e2a (diff)
watchdog: Rename timer use fields and enum
The name of the num should not contain the word Field as the type is not a field, just the use case for the timer. The properties on the watchdog object should be clear as to being the current or last expired timer use. Change-Id: Iee21fbfa97e5ef0634b3f806a43d7d3e66288661 Signed-off-by: William A. Kennington III <>
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/xyz/openbmc_project/State/Watchdog.interface.yaml b/xyz/openbmc_project/State/Watchdog.interface.yaml
index 166d400..da95d4c 100644
--- a/xyz/openbmc_project/State/Watchdog.interface.yaml
+++ b/xyz/openbmc_project/State/Watchdog.interface.yaml
@@ -44,15 +44,15 @@ properties:
Time remaining before timeout, in milli-second.
Setting this property can re-arm the watchdog.
default: 0
- - name: TimerUse
- type: enum[self.TimerUseField]
+ - name: CurrentTimerUse
+ type: enum[self.TimerUse]
description: >
- The current timer use assigned to the watchdog timer.
+ The host defined user of this timer.
default: 'Reserved'
- - name: TimerUseExpirationFlag
- type: enum[self.TimerUseField]
+ - name: ExpiredTimerUse
+ type: enum[self.TimerUse]
description: >
- The current timer use expiration flags assigned to the watchdog timer.
+ The timer user at the time of expiration.
default: 'Reserved'
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ enumerations:
description: >
Perform a power cycle of the system.
- - name: TimerUseField
+ - name: TimerUse
description: >
The type of timer use.
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