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D-Bus interface to configure service properties.
D-Bus interface exposing properties for service (RMCP+, web, SSH) like state, port to configure the same. Common interface to support both systemctl or iptables implementation. Service manager daemon (new daemon) will expose objects with these interfaces. Change-Id: I96941cf3c762fe069f13c1895fd840d7ab87e95c Signed-off-by: AppaRao Puli <> Signed-off-by: Richard Marian Thomaiyar <>
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+description: >
+ This interface exposes properties for service objects like
+ SSH, web, RMCP+ etc. under the service configuration manager.
+ This interface can be used to get/set of service properties.
+ - name: State
+ type: enum[self.SupportedStates]
+ description: >
+ Specifies the state of the service.
+ - name: Port
+ type: uint32
+ description: >
+ Specifies the listening port number of service.
+ This property is used to get or set the service
+ listening port number.
+ - name: Channel
+ type: array[string]
+ description: >
+ Specifies the channel on which service allows client
+ connections. This property is used to get or set the
+ allowed channel interfaces in array of strings. It accepts
+ the interface names, which are created as objects in
+ network service and returns error if not found.
+ - name: SupportedStates
+ description: >
+ State values.
+ values:
+ - name: 'enabled'
+ description: >
+ Service is enabled.
+ - name: 'disabled'
+ description: >
+ Service is disabled.
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+# Service Management
+## Overview
+Applications must use service manager daemon to configure services like
+phosphor-ipmi-net, web, SSH etc. service in the system, instead of
+directly controlling the same using 'systemd' or 'iptables'. This way client
+applications doesn't need to change to configure services, when the
+implementations differ.
+### Attributes Interface
+Service manager daemon, will create objects for configurable service
+in the system under object path `/xyz/openbmc_project/Control/Service/<object>`.
+Each service object can be handled through 'org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager'.
+Service object will expose following properties.
+#### xyz.openbmc_project.Control.Service.Attributes interface
+##### properties
+* State - State of the service. Enabled / Disabled.
+* Port - Port number to which the service is configured to listen.
+* Channel - Supported network interface objects, to which port has to bind.
+## Note
+Implementations can elect to implement service manager daemon either through
+'systemctl' (override.conf) or implement the same through 'iptables' logic, of
+disabling the port, updating the port etc.
+## Example usage:
+Webserver can update the RMCP+ port number from default 623 to different one,
+by updating the `Port` property value under path `/xyz/openbmc_project/Control/
+Service/netipmid` through interface `xyz.openbmc_project.Control.Service.
+## Systemd (override.conf) implementation
+In order to update the property value, `override.conf` file under `/etc/systemd
+/system/<Service unit name>/` has to be updated and service unit has to be
+restarted through `org.freedesktop.systemd1`.
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