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Factory reset documentation for OpenPower service
This commit adds documentation for the the factory reset interface for the org.open_power.Software.Host.Updater interface. Change-Id: If6d719e6c795480d8c7e38e0c1190c7da2274f7c Signed-off-by: Michael Tritz <>
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+# Factory Reset
+## Overview
+The OpenBMC API defines a factory reset interface, which is intended to be used
+to restore the BMC to its original manufacturer settings. This interface is
+defined generically; it is specifically and variously implemented throughout
+OpenBMC services, which allows these services to be individually restored to
+factory defaults as needed.
+More reading for OpenBMC services [here](
+## Known Implementations (listed by D-Bus service)
+### org.open_power.Software.Host.Updater
+Path: `/xyz/openbmc_project/software`
+The host software updater factory reset immediately clears persistence files
+and any data stored in the read-write and preserved volumes created by the host
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