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[Docs]: Out of factory - user - deployment
Add design details about Out of factory deployment for user management. Recommends creation of new user account for debugging and CI usage. Recommends to treat root user as special user, and not enabled for end-user. Provides way to use root user for debugging purpose.. This is needed to adhere SB-327 Information privacy and for better security. Change-Id: I0dfceb1c69cd7038699feb80ad5da40b16c2ffc3 Signed-off-by: Richard Marian Thomaiyar <>
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@@ -435,3 +435,42 @@ able to differentiate between new user request or request to extend an existing
user to 'ipmi' group. Use OEM Commands to extend existing users to 'ipmi' group.
Note: 'Set User Name' IPMI command will return CCh 'Invalid data field in
Request' completion code, if tried to add existing user in the system.
+## Deployment - Out of factory
+### Guidelines
+As per [SB-327 Information Privacy](, Connected devices must avoid
+shipping with generic user name & password. The reasonable security expected is
+1. Preprogrammed password unique to each device
+2. Forcing user to generate new authentication account, before using the device.
+### Generating user during deployment:
+To adhere above mentioned guideline and to make OpenBMC more secure, this design
+specifies about forcing end-user to generate a new account, during deployment
+through any of the system in-band interfaces (like KCS etc.).
+IPMI 2.0 specification provides commands like `SetUserName`, `SetUserPassword`,
+`SetUserAccess`, which must be used to create a new user account instead of
+using any generic default user name and password. Accounts created through this
+method have access to IPMI, REDFISH & Webserver and can be used to create more
+accounts through out-of-band interfaces.
+### Special user - root – user id 0:
+Exposing root account (user id 0) to end-user by default (other than debug /
+developer scenario) is security risk. Hence current architecture recommends not
+to enable root user by default for end-user.
+For general login for debug / developer builds, a new default user with password
+can be created by specifying the same in local.conf.sample file. This can be
+used to establish a session by default (CI systems etc. can use this account).
+From OpenBMC package user name `openbmc` with password `0penBmc$` can be added.
+#### Debugging use-case
+`root` user / sudo privilege access are required during development / debug
+phase of the program. For this purpose a new IPMI OEM command (TBD) / REDFISH
+OEM action(TBD) to can be used to set password for the root user, after which
+`root` user can be used to login to the serial console and for further debugging
+(Note: `root` user will not be listed as user account in any interfaces like
+IPMI / REDFISH from user management point of view).
+### Deployment for systems without in-band interfaces:
+Any systems which doesn’t have in-band system interface can generate passwords
+uniquely for each & every device or can expose a default user name & password
+forcing end-user to update the same, before using the device (TBD).
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