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authorPatrick Williams <>2017-06-01 19:00:43 -0500
committerPatrick Williams <>2017-06-02 15:13:42 +0000
commitaeb726df2fb7e0a3510242337c79994592ed1523 (patch)
tree2229e8343191c2c1d80159198b5d1105e83fd3cf /frup.hpp
parent5098b03916fd7a90605b6e3774ee536ef9108a94 (diff)
fru_gen: reduce map in generated data
Eliminate one level of the generated "frus" map by creating a structure for the lowest-level member. This should reduce the impact of a gcc bug that consumes excessive memory when compiling the generated map. Also removed the runtime calculation of the 'delimiter' character and instead generated it in the fru_gen python script. Resolves openbmc/openbmc#1441. Resolves openbmc/openbmc#1166. Change-Id: Iafe049d034354d58b68d357b4f49fd5e21b2c8c7 Signed-off-by: Patrick Williams <>
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/frup.hpp b/frup.hpp
index ad342fc..09ffc9f 100644
--- a/frup.hpp
+++ b/frup.hpp
@@ -75,12 +75,15 @@ enum openbmc_vpd_key_id
using IPMIFruInfo = std::array<std::pair<std::string,std::string>,
-using IPMIFruMetadata = std::string;
-using IPMIFruMetadataValue = std::string;
-using IPMIFruMap = std::map<IPMIFruMetadata,IPMIFruMetadataValue>;
+struct IPMIFruData
+ std::string section;
+ std::string property;
+ std::string delimiter;
using DbusProperty = std::string;
-using DbusPropertyMap = std::map<DbusProperty,IPMIFruMap>;
+using DbusPropertyMap = std::map<DbusProperty,IPMIFruData>;
using DbusInterface = std::string;
using DbusInterfaceMap = std::map<DbusInterface,DbusPropertyMap>;
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