path: root/fpart/src
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* Remove references to removed clib/assert.hStewart Smith2017-11-305-5/+0
* fix high memory usage during any operation with '--buffer'Stewart Smith2017-11-305-19/+0
* fpart: make test run valgrind cleanStewart Smith2017-11-302-10/+29
* use open/read/write for create_regular_fileStewart Smith2015-12-151-5/+8
* remove custom assert implementation and exception.cStewart Smith2015-12-159-10/+0
* Support to compile in 64bit for Ubuntu Little EndianAdriana Kobylak2015-02-189-29/+29
* Use correct (Apache) license.Brad Bishop2015-01-0715-265/+361
* Port FFS tools over from Building Block repository.Brad Bishop2014-07-0215-0/+3036
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