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* clib: explicitly include clib/builtin.hStewart Smith2017-11-306-6/+6
* clib: include system assert.hStewart Smith2017-11-301-1/+1
* Remove references to removed clib/assert.hStewart Smith2017-11-305-6/+0
* remove unused mqStewart Smith2015-12-153-447/+0
* remove custom assert implementation and exception.cStewart Smith2015-12-155-519/+5
* Move to autotoolsStewart Smith2015-12-157-325/+0
* remove unused ctz builtin definesStewart Smith2015-12-151-48/+0
* Remove #define parity __builtin_parityStewart Smith2015-12-152-10/+1
* remove likely/unlikely: nothing is *that* perf criticalStewart Smith2015-12-153-36/+20
* remove crc32 - use sha1sum in test case insteadStewart Smith2015-12-154-307/+2
* remove more unused memory_leak_detection codeStewart Smith2015-12-152-1276/+0
* remove unused slabStewart Smith2015-12-157-488/+1
* remove unused db.c/db.hStewart Smith2015-12-153-859/+0
* remove unused signalStewart Smith2015-12-153-223/+0
* remove unused heapStewart Smith2015-12-154-281/+1
* remove unused arrayStewart Smith2015-12-156-1569/+0
* remove unused dispatch and watchStewart Smith2015-12-157-620/+1
* remove unused stack.hStewart Smith2015-12-152-107/+0
* remove unused vector and vector_iterStewart Smith2015-12-159-1774/+0
* remove unused timer.hStewart Smith2015-12-151-84/+0
* remove unused map and map_iterStewart Smith2015-12-155-826/+0
* remove unused bitsetStewart Smith2015-12-151-366/+0
* remove unused table and table_iterStewart Smith2015-12-156-1399/+0
* Remove unused memory_leak_detection.hStewart Smith2015-12-154-381/+0
* Support to compile in 64bit for Ubuntu Little EndianAdriana Kobylak2015-02-1822-125/+160
* Merge pull request #2 from bradbishop/masterPatrick Williams2015-01-16112-1834/+2688
| * Use correct (Apache) license.Brad Bishop2015-01-07112-1834/+2688
* | Remove some unused hash function.Brad Bishop2015-01-081-194/+0
* Port FFS tools over from Building Block repository.Brad Bishop2014-07-02114-0/+21477
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