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* Remove references to removed clib/assert.hStewart Smith2017-11-304-4/+0
* remove unused mqStewart Smith2015-12-151-81/+0
* remove unused slabStewart Smith2015-12-152-161/+0
* remove unused heapStewart Smith2015-12-151-45/+0
* remove unused arrayStewart Smith2015-12-151-77/+0
* remove unused dispatch and watchStewart Smith2015-12-152-121/+0
* remove unused vector and vector_iterStewart Smith2015-12-151-90/+0
* remove unused map and map_iterStewart Smith2015-12-151-83/+0
* remove unused table and table_iterStewart Smith2015-12-151-109/+0
* Remove unused memory_leak_detection.hStewart Smith2015-12-151-1/+0
* Use correct (Apache) license.Brad Bishop2015-01-0717-289/+408
* Port FFS tools over from Building Block repository.Brad Bishop2014-07-0217-0/+1382
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