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Update MVPD to fix 2666MHz operation on single drop DDR designs with short nets
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+This file is taken from the compiled Blackbird VPD binary.
+Source code for that binary (and by extension this one) is available in the blackbird-vpd GIT repository.
+This file is essentially snipped out of the master VPD file, and the snipped file is used to replace the equivalent on-planar VPD binary section at runtime.
+This mechanism allows updates to the memory VPD without requiring an external update of the planar VPD.
diff --git a/memd_binaries/sforza-MEMD.rvpd b/memd_binaries/sforza-MEMD.rvpd
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+++ b/memd_binaries/sforza-MEMD.rvpd
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