path: root/include/bootstage.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* bootstage: call show_boot_progress also in SPLHeiko Schocher2016-06-091-3/+3
* image: Add boot_get_fpga() to load fpga with bootmMichal Simek2016-05-241-0/+1
* add boot_get_loadables() to load listed imagesKarl Apsite2015-05-281-0/+1
* bootstage: Add IDs for SPI flash reading and decompressionSimon Glass2015-05-141-0/+2
* Kconfig: Move CONFIG_BOOTSTAGE to KconfigSimon Glass2015-04-181-1/+1
* bootstage: Fix typos in the commentBin Meng2015-02-061-2/+2
* scsi: bootstage: Measure time taken to scan the busSimon Glass2015-02-061-0/+1
* x86: Support loading kernel setup from a FITSimon Glass2014-10-221-0/+3
* bootstage: get more BOOTSTAGE_ID* in show_boot_progress()Heiko Schocher2013-08-151-0/+1
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-16/+1
* bootstage: Remove unused entries related to kernel/ramdisk/fdt loadSimon Glass2013-06-041-26/+3
* bootstage: Introduce sub-IDs for use with image loadingSimon Glass2013-06-041-0/+22
* bootstage: Don't build for HOSTCCSimon Glass2013-05-141-2/+3
* bootstage: Allow marking a particular line of codeSimon Glass2013-05-131-0/+23
* bootstage: Copy bootstage strings post-relocationDoug Anderson2013-05-131-0/+15
* bootstage: Add stubs for new bootstage functionsSimon Glass2013-05-131-0/+16
* Merge branch '' of git:// Rini2012-10-151-0/+85
| * bootstage: Add new bootstage IDs for board, LCDSimon Glass2012-10-031-0/+5
| * bootstage: Add feature to stash/unstash bootstage infoSimon Glass2012-10-031-0/+29
| * bootstage: Store boot timings in device treeSimon Glass2012-10-021-0/+7
| * bootstage: Add time accumulation featureSimon Glass2012-10-021-0/+27
| * bootstage: Export bootstage_add_record() functionSimon Glass2012-10-021-0/+17
* | OMAP: networking support for SPLIlya Yanok2012-10-011-1/+5
* Move bootstage timer out of lib/time.cSimon Glass2012-04-101-0/+7
* bootstage: Implement core microsecond boot time measurementSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+43
* bootstage: Replace show_boot_progress/error() with bootstage_...()Simon Glass2012-03-181-2/+28
* bootstage: Convert FIT progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+38
* bootstage: Convert net progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+11
* bootstage: Convert NAND progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+15
* bootstage: Convert IDE progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+14
* bootstage: Convert progress numbers 20-41 to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+25
* bootstage: Convert progress numbers 10-19 to enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+7
* bootstage: Convert progress numbers 1-9 into enumsSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+14
* bootstage: Use show_boot_error() for -ve progress numbersSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+4
* bootstage: Create an initial header for boot progress integersSimon Glass2012-03-181-0/+58
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