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* clk: convert API to match reset/mailbox styleStephen Warren2016-06-193-9/+17
* serial: Introduce linflex uart supportStoica Cosmin-Stefan2016-06-132-0/+224
* serial: atmel_usart: Add device tree supportWenyou Yang2016-06-121-0/+19
* Merge Rini2016-06-061-3/+16
| * serial: s5p: use clock api to get clock rateThomas Abraham2016-05-251-1/+14
| * serial: s5p: get the port id number from the alias of the device nodeThomas Abraham2016-05-251-2/+2
* | serial: 16550: Drop OMAP1510 supportMarek Vasut2016-06-021-17/+3
* | serial: 16550: Make serial_io/out_shift available to debug modeMarek Vasut2016-06-021-6/+6
* | arm: add initial support for Amlogic Meson and ODROID-C2Beniamino Galvani2016-05-273-0/+178
* | dm: ns16550: Don't map_physmem for I/O portsPaul Burton2016-05-261-2/+8
* ar933x: serial: Remove the explicit pinctrl settingWills Wang2016-05-211-14/+2
* drivers: serial: add serial driver for ar933x SOCWills Wang2016-05-213-0/+274
* m68k: add DM model serial driverangelo@sysam.it2016-05-171-44/+144
* serial: bcm283x_mu: make pending values more explicitStephen Warren2016-04-181-2/+2
* arc: get rid of running_on_hwAlexey Brodkin2016-04-111-16/+0
* serial: Add support for Qualcomm serial portMateusz Kulikowski2016-04-013-0/+226
* serial: uniphier: use devm_get_addr() to get base addressMasahiro Yamada2016-04-011-3/+5
* serial: add BCM283x mini UART driverStephen Warren2016-03-272-0/+141
* ARM: uniphier: support Debug UARTMasahiro Yamada2016-03-241-0/+9
* serial: pl01x: Add support for devices with the rate pre-configured.Eric Anholt2016-03-221-2/+8
* dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset propertyMichal Simek2016-03-171-2/+4
* x86: Allow use of serial soon after relocationSimon Glass2016-03-171-1/+1
* dm: serial: Remove duplicated carriage return characterAlison Wang2016-03-142-9/+0
* serial: Move carriage return before line feed for some serial driversAlison Wang2016-03-144-15/+16
* dm: serial-uclass: Move a carriage return before a line feedAlison Wang2016-03-141-2/+3
* Revert "dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset property"Tom Rini2016-02-291-4/+2
* serial: dcc: Move driver to DMMichal Simek2016-02-252-25/+49
* stm32x7: add support for stm32x7 serial driverVikas Manocha2016-02-243-0/+121
* dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset propertyMichal Simek2016-02-221-2/+4
* serial: zynq: Change logic in putcMichal Simek2016-02-221-2/+2
* s3c24xx: serial: Remove dead codeDavid Müller (ELSOFT AG)2016-02-081-6/+0
* Remove unused CONFIG_HWFLOW option and associated dead code.David Müller (ELSOFT AG)2016-02-081-35/+0
* Remove unused CONFIG_MODEM_SUPPORT option and associated dead code.David Müller (ELSOFT AG)2016-02-081-18/+0
* dm: pxa: serial: Drop serial_sa1100 serial driverSimon Glass2016-02-082-163/+0
* dm: serial: Drop serial_max3100 serial driverSimon Glass2016-02-082-295/+0
* dm: freescale: serial: Drop serial_imx serial driverSimon Glass2016-02-082-224/+0
* dm: opencores: Drop opencores_yanu serial driverSimon Glass2016-02-082-243/+0
* dm: freescale: Drop mxs_auart serial driverSimon Glass2016-02-082-152/+0
* serial: serial_stm32: move clock config from driver to boardVikas Manocha2016-02-081-40/+0
* Use correct spelling of "U-Boot"Bin Meng2016-02-062-2/+2
* dm: lpuart: Drop the legacy codeBhuvanchandra DV2016-02-021-99/+2
* drivers: serial: add driver for Microchip PIC32 UART controller.Paul Thacker2016-02-013-0/+214
* ppc: xilinx-ppc4xx: Port to DM serialRicardo Ribalda Delgado2016-01-271-1/+1
* serial: zynq: Fix address reading from DMMichal Simek2016-01-271-6/+1
* serial: zynq: Extend compatible string listMichal Simek2016-01-271-0/+1
* serial: uartlite: Add uartlite to KconfigMichal Simek2016-01-271-0/+7
* serial: uartlite: Add support for debug consoleMichal Simek2016-01-272-0/+33
* serial: uartlite: Move driver to DMMichal Simek2016-01-271-111/+65
* ns16550: zap the rockchip serial compatible stringThomas Chou2016-01-251-1/+5
* serial: Remove serial_putc_raw_devTom Rini2016-01-251-11/+0
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