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* clk: convert API to match reset/mailbox styleStephen Warren2016-06-191-4/+2
* drivers: i2c: mxc: Add early initYuan Yao2016-06-102-0/+32
* i2c: mvtwsi: Eliminate twsi_control_flagsChris Packham2016-05-171-33/+29
* i2c: Select SYS_I2C_DW_ENABLE_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED for SPEArStefan Roese2016-05-171-0/+10
* i2c: Add entry for Designware I2C driver in KconfigStefan Roese2016-05-171-0/+8
* dm: fsl_i2c: Enable DM for FSL I2Cmario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-172-0/+110
* dm: fsl_i2c: Factor out adap parametermario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-67/+49
* dm: fsl_i2c: Prepare compatibility functionsmario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-8/+39
* dm: fsl_i2c: Rename methods for reading/writing datamario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-8/+8
* dm: fsl_i2c: Rename probe methodmario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-5/+5
* dm: fsl_i2c: Remove unnecessary variablemario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-3/+2
* dm: fsl_i2c: Reword and clarify commentmario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-14/+6
* dm: fsl_i2c: Use clearer parameter namesmario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-31/+32
* dm: fsl_i2c: Rename I2C register structuremario.six@gdsys.cc2016-05-171-57/+66
* i2c: designware_i2c: Optionally check enable status registerStefan Roese2016-05-171-0/+9
* i2c: muxes: Add support for TI PCA954X muxMichal Simek2016-05-173-0/+90
* i2c: cdns: Support different bus speedsMichal Simek2016-05-171-7/+69
* i2c: cdns: Moving speed setup from probe to set_bus_speed functionMichal Simek2016-05-171-37/+11
* i2c: cdns: Read address from DT in ofdata_to_platdataMichal Simek2016-05-171-4/+12
* Fix spelling of "occurred".Vagrant Cascadian2016-05-021-1/+1
* i2c: designware_i2c: Add support for PCI(e) based I2C cores (x86)Stefan Roese2016-04-251-12/+106
* i2c: designware_i2c: Add DM supportStefan Roese2016-04-251-26/+123
* i2c: designware_i2c: Prepare for DM driver conversionStefan Roese2016-04-251-83/+90
* i2c: designware_i2c: Integrate set_speed() into dw_i2c_set_bus_speed()Stefan Roese2016-04-251-24/+13
* i2c: designware_i2c: Add dw_i2c_enable() helper functionStefan Roese2016-04-251-20/+27
* i2c: designware_i2c: Add ic_enable_status to ic_regs structStefan Roese2016-04-251-33/+35
* dm: i2c: Add driver for Cadence I2C IPMoritz Fischer2016-04-133-0/+343
* i2c: uniphier: use devm_get_addr() to get base addressMasahiro Yamada2016-04-012-13/+10
* omap24xx_i2c: Implement CONFIG_SYS_I2C_EEPROM_ADDR_OVERFLOWGuy Thouret2016-03-281-0/+34
* dm: i2c: mxc_i2c: implement i2c_idle_busPeng Fan2016-03-281-9/+92
* mvtwsi: Fix breakage introduced by "Fix mvtwsi not working on sun6i and newer...Hans de Goede2016-01-261-2/+2
* x86: ivybridge: Use the I2C driver to perform SMbus initSimon Glass2016-01-241-0/+24
* x86: i2c: Add a stub driver for Intel I2C/SMbusSimon Glass2016-01-243-0/+61
* dm: i2c: Allow muxes to be enabled for SPL separatelySimon Glass2016-01-213-3/+12
* rockchip: i2c: Update the driver to use the new clock IDSimon Glass2016-01-211-16/+22
* sunxi: Add support for the I2C controller which is part of the PRCMJelle van der Waa2016-01-211-0/+11
* i2c: mvtwsi: Fix mvtwsi not working on sun6i and newer sunxi SoCsHans de Goede2016-01-211-4/+16
* Add more SPDX-License-Identifier tagsTom Rini2016-01-191-13/+1
* arm: mvebu: Move SoC selection (A38X vs AXP) into KconfigStefan Roese2016-01-141-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2016-01-031-2/+10
| * i2c: mxc: add a condition in case the parameter is NULLGong Qianyu2016-01-031-2/+10
* | Kconfig: i2c: Fix indentationMichal Simek2015-12-111-7/+7
* | Kconfig: i2c: Fix typo Suport -> SupportMichal Simek2015-12-111-1/+1
* | i2c, avr32: fix compiler warning "input is not relaxable"Heiko Schocher2015-11-231-1/+1
* Move console definitions into a new console.h fileSimon Glass2015-11-191-0/+1
* i2c: soft_i2c: Fix bus indizesDirk Eibach2015-11-121-10/+10
* hrcon: Add fan controllersDirk Eibach2015-11-121-0/+28
* hrcon: Add support for the DH variantDirk Eibach2015-11-121-0/+28
* i2c: ihs_i2c: Fix hold_bus controlDirk Eibach2015-11-121-1/+1
* i2c: ihs_i2c: Use macro bestpracticesDirk Eibach2015-11-121-10/+14
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