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* strider: Support con-dp flavorDirk Eibach2016-06-062-0/+38
* gdsys: osd: Allow osdsize on valid screens onlyDirk Eibach2016-06-061-0/+3
* ioep-fpga: Support intempo compressionDirk Eibach2016-06-061-6/+11
* Delete tests of CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT when testing CONFIG_OF_BOARD_SETUPRobert P. J. Day2016-05-271-2/+2
* strider: Add DP501 support for cpu modelDirk Eibach2016-03-214-26/+59
* Add more SPDX-License-Identifier tagsTom Rini2016-01-196-44/+6
* Fix GCC format-security errors and convert sprintfs.Ben Whitten2016-01-141-1/+1
* block: pass block dev not num to read/write/erase()Stephen Warren2016-01-132-4/+4
* Move console definitions into a new console.h fileSimon Glass2015-11-191-0/+1
* board: gdsys: Enable osd on output onlyDirk Eibach2015-11-121-2/+4
* board: gdsys: Add osdsize commandDirk Eibach2015-11-121-0/+38
* hrcon: Add fan controllersDirk Eibach2015-11-125-24/+59
* hrcon: Add support for the DH variantDirk Eibach2015-11-123-28/+115
* hrcon: Fix videoboard i2c setupDirk Eibach2015-11-121-2/+8
* hrcon: Use generic ioep-fpga supportDirk Eibach2015-11-123-239/+9
* mpc83xx: Add strider boardDirk Eibach2015-11-1213-41/+1033
* iocon: reset FPGAs in last_stage_init()Reinhard Pfau2015-11-121-1/+7
* controlcenterd: Disable sideband clocksDirk Eibach2015-11-121-0/+5
* dlvision-10g: Support displayportDirk Eibach2015-11-122-31/+38
* board: gdsys: Consider DP501 limits on link trainingDirk Eibach2015-11-121-2/+20
* board: gdsys: Increase DP501 I2C retry intervalDirk Eibach2015-11-121-1/+2
* board: gdsys: Configure DP501 SPDIF inputDirk Eibach2015-11-121-0/+2
* Various Makefiles: Add SPDX-License-Identifier tagsTom Rini2015-11-101-4/+1
* Merge git:// Rini2014-11-263-3/+9
| * fdt: Allow ft_board_setup() to report failureSimon Glass2014-11-213-3/+9
* | fs: API changes enabling extra parameter to return size of type loff_tSuriyan Ramasami2014-11-231-7/+10
* | linux/kernel.h: sync min, max, min3, max3 macros with LinuxMasahiro Yamada2014-11-231-2/+3
* mpc83xx: Add gdsys hrcon boardDirk Eibach2014-11-1914-190/+1602
* board: iocon: Fix uninitialized accessDirk Eibach2014-11-191-1/+2
* board: iocon: Fix fpga index in print_fpga_info()Dirk Eibach2014-11-191-4/+4
* board: dlvision-10g: Compile fixDirk Eibach2014-11-191-4/+3
* kconfig: remove redundant "string" type in arch and board KconfigsMasahiro Yamada2014-09-136-27/+0
* Add board MAINTAINERS filesMasahiro Yamada2014-07-306-0/+46
* kconfig: add board Kconfig and defconfig filesMasahiro Yamada2014-07-306-0/+138
* board: iocon: Modify iocon hardware startupDirk Eibach2014-07-071-5/+4
* board: gdsys: Enable scrambling on DP501Dirk Eibach2014-07-071-0/+1
* board: gdsys: Make gdsys osd hardware detection more robustDirk Eibach2014-07-072-51/+79
* board: gdsys: Configure bridge on DP501 to support DDC onlyDirk Eibach2014-07-071-0/+1
* board: iocon: Support DisplayPort hardwareDirk Eibach2014-07-074-83/+76
* board: controlcenterd: Use new API for setting i2c busDirk Eibach2014-07-071-4/+9
* board: gdsys: Adapt sdhc_boot.c to mmc_get_env_addr API changeDirk Eibach2014-07-071-1/+1
* board: controlcenterd: Fix pci accessDirk Eibach2014-07-071-3/+3
* includes: move openssl headers to include/u-bootJeroen Hofstee2014-06-191-1/+1
* Fix bug in io64 target (introduced by commit aba27ac)Vasili Galka2014-06-191-2/+2
* Check run_command() return code properlyThomas Betker2014-06-111-5/+1
* Driver/DDR: Moving Freescale DDR driver to a common driverYork Sun2013-11-252-3/+3
* board: powerpc: convert makefiles to Kbuild styleMasahiro Yamada2013-11-017-189/+26
* Coding Style cleanup: remove trailing white spaceWolfgang Denk2013-10-142-2/+2
* powerpc/ppc4xx: Do full iocon PHY initialization in softwareDirk Eibach2013-08-191-48/+172
* powerpc/ppc4xx: Add support for iocon-2Dirk Eibach2013-08-191-11/+25
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