path: root/board/digsy_mtc/digsy_mtc.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* digsy_mtc: move board into vendor dir and add vendor logoAnatolij Gustschin2011-07-271-500/+0
* mpc5200: digsy_mtc: add support for graphic extension boardAnatolij Gustschin2011-07-271-0/+66
* Fix incorrect use of getenv() before relocationWolfgang Denk2011-05-121-3/+4
* mpc52xx, digsy_mtc: protect default flash sectorsHeiko Schocher2011-04-281-0/+2
* mpc52xx, digsy_mtc: change phy addr for rev5 boards.Heiko Schocher2011-04-281-0/+5
* mpc52xx, digsy_mtc_rev5: Fix Linux crash, if no Flash in bank 2Heiko Schocher2011-03-211-0/+5
* mpc5200, digsy_mtc: add support for rev5 board versionHeiko Schocher2011-01-181-2/+107
* ppc: Remove board-specific command table relocation fixupsPeter Tyser2009-10-031-2/+0
* digsy MTC: Add 'mtc' command.Grzegorz Bernacki2009-06-141-0/+2
* digsy MTC: Add SPI support.Grzegorz Bernacki2009-06-141-0/+10
* Update CHANGELOG, coding style cleanup.Wolfgang Denk2009-04-051-1/+0
* Add support for the digsy MTC board.Grzegorz Bernacki2009-03-201-0/+307
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