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MAINTAINERS: comment out invalid maintainers
The "S: Orphan" in MAINTAINERS means that the maintainer in the "M:" field is unreachable (i.e. the email address is not working). (Refer to the definition of "Orphan" adopted in U-Boot in the log of commit 31f1b654b2f395b69faa5d0d3c1eb0803923bd3b, "boards.cfg: move boards with invalid emails to Orphan") For patch files adding global changes, scripts/ adds bunch of such invalid email addresses, which results in tons of annoying bounce emails. This commit can be reproduced by the following command: find . -name MAINTAINERS | xargs sed -i -e ' /^M:[[:blank:]]/ { N /S:[[:blank:]]Orphan/s/^/#/ } ' Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <> Acked-by: Simon Glass <>
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